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Harpoon 3 After-Action Reports


World War Three in 1985 - Target Conakry

by Andrew Woff

I started by targeting 1 cell of B-52s against each of the primary targets. I plotted both escort groups towards Conarky on parallel tracks but converging 20 miles or so from the air base.

I plotted both the Command Solo's towards the target at full speed and fully active towards a point 25-miles out. I activated the B-52s jammers about 50 miles out. The northern escort group splashed 2 MiG-21's for no loss but two more came up and were engaged by the northern escort; unfortunately during the exchange of Sidewinders and Atolls both sides eliminated each other - these constituted the only friendly loss of the operation.

The bombers were following just behind and with their own jamming and the Command Solo's they achieved electronic superiority against the defenses, so despite numerous SA-6 launches none hit my bombers. I destroyed all the targets bar the runway/taxiway complex although I bounced the rubble quite thoroughly thank you.

Shortly after victory was declared.

USA - Losses: 2x Phantom II
Expenditures: 8x Sparrow III, 2x Sidewinder, 918x Mk82 500lb LDGP

Soviet - Losses: 7x Fishbed J, 2x A/C Revetment(4), 2x Bear D, 6x Badger A, 6x Backfire B, 1x Hangar(Large x 4), 1x Ammo Dump, 1x Radar Site (Soviet), 1x Ac Gas Tank Farm (320k Gal).
Expenditures: 2x 23mm Gsh-23-2 Burst, 4x Atoll, 19x Gainful, 31x 57mm S60, 2x Grail


by Mike Mykytyn

Played Africa Part 1: Target Conakry scenario for his 1985 WWIII battleset today. It can be run in minutes and is a great air scenario. Basically you've got to escort a Wing of B-52's to hit a Soviet Base in West Africa with a minimal amount of support. Think the key to this one is coordinating different assets to work together which I think I accomplished. I achieved victory but not without cost... Lost 3 B-52's and a Phantom.