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Harpoon 3 After-Action Reports


World War Three in 1985 - Arctic Typhoons

by Mike Mykytyn

Just finished spending the night playing Arctic Typhoons from his World War III 1985 Battleset and wanted to post a quick after action report. Your job in this scenario is hunt three Soviet SSBNs with four of your own SSNs under the ice pack. To start off it took me two plays to get it right. The first time had limited success but ended up loosing a majority of my force to several enemy SSN's protecting the SSBN's. The second go through went far better (albeit playing through the first time gave me a lot of hints to locations etc.). However, started playing a bit smarter (lower and slower).

My first kill went smoothly. Detected a Victor I relatively quickly and was able to kill it without a return shot. My second kill was far from clean. Engaged an unidentified contact (Victor III?) and received a couple of torps in return. It claimed one of my LA's but got the kill in a return (equitable?). I pushed my force farther North with Trafalgar in the lead and made two separate contacts east and west of me. I pushed Trafalgar into range of the east and pushed my other subs (which were creeping further south) into firing position. I then proceeded to fire, which earned Trafalgar a high-speed torp (Shkval?) in return sinking her. The eastern sub died and the western went active to avoid my torps. I quickly brought Pittsburg to shallow and fired a torpedo which scored a hit and a victory. Great sub hunt and a good challenge.