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Harpoon 3 After-Action Reports


World War Three in 1985 - Hunt for the Lama

by Michael Sprague

I was able to squeeze in the 3rd scenario in the WWIII-1985 battleset last night. This is a small scenario and can be played quickly if you really crank up the time compression. The goal is to sink a convoy of ships that are used to service Soviet boomers. You have two Los Angeles class SSNs to do it. You must sink the entire convoy and not lose any of your subs.

Intelligence tells you that the convoy should be moving West to East towards the bastion. I sent the Corpus Christi (the western most sub) heading on a ESE course in hopes of paralleling the convey and having it 'catchup' with the convoy. I sent the Baton Rouge steaming a full speed to the choke point where I figured the convey had to go in order to reach the bastion. I then cranked up the time compression.

The Corpus Christi didn't detect much of anything. I put it as deep as it would go but as it moved along its course the water kept getting shallower. I was trying to avoid what I figured would be heavy airborne ASW assets.

Meanwhile I think I stationed the Baton Rouge right in the middle of a sonobuoy field! Shortly after it reached its station (at shallow depth), I started to detect ASW planes (probably Mays) and was eventually attacked. I ran away at flank speed and managed to evade the torpedoes. By this time I was getting some contacts with the convoy. They had sailed right by the Corpus Christi. I only had 1 sub to attack with. In case it would help, I put the Corpus Christi on flank speed to see if it could get in range with its Harpoons.

To keep the convoy from getting by me I pulled what is probably a submariner no-no. I put the Baton Rouge to periscope depth and lit up the radar. Bam! The convey was only a few miles to the south of my position! I launched 2 Harpoon missiles at each Grisha and quickly reloaded with Mk48s. I then launched a barrage of torps, 1 to each ship in the convoy, until all were sunk. During this whole time I did not come under any attack from airborne ASW. Not sure why.

In any case, once the convoy was sunk, I went deep and quiet and turned North to get out of Dodge. Shortly the scenario ended in victory!

Here are the losses:

NATO expended:
4 x Harpoon IB
10 x Mk48 Mod 4

2 x Grisha I
2 x Supply Vessel
2 x PRTB Lama
2 x PRTM Amga
1 x FB Urga
4 x AT-2M

I only saw one AT-2M so they must have fired at 'ghost' targets too. :)

Overall I liked this scenario. It was pretty quick and you have to dodge a lot of airborne ASW. Usually I'm the one doing the ASW so it's nice to be on the other side of fence on this one.



by Mike Mykytyn

Just played the Hunt for the Lama and it was a great ASW scenario. This one is part of his WWIII Battleset which is a great piece of work. It was quick, fun and packed with action. As Nato you are tasked with the sinking of Soviet SSBN replenishment group with two LA class boats you have in the area. The Soviets have every intention of stopping you.

Okay moved both my subs south along the projected path of the group. After several minutes (thanks to time compression) I stopped all movement, came to periscope depth and began to wait for some good ESM data. I was quickly rewarded by an aircraft hit about 30 miles west of my eastern most subs position. I quickly dived (aircraft make me nervous) and began to plot my attack. My orders stated I had to destroy the entire group so I moved my sub south away from the direct transit path. My plan was to sit about 8 miles south of the projected track and attack northward as the group passed. From the ESM hits I felt sure that at least one escort along with the ASW aircraft would screen ahead so sitting and waiting directly in the path would allow me some shots but most likely dead (VC's specifically call for no losses).

When I reached my position I quickly moved to shallow depth and set speed to 5kt. After several minutes on high time compression I got my first rough ship contacts. I began to move NE in attempt to strike a bit sooner. I was rewarded for my impatience by a torpedo contact several miles away (later learned it was from a Haze). I quickly moved due west to avoid the attack and set my speed to 5kt again avoiding the torpedo all together. This time I took the time to wait and began to get target classifications. Looked like 2 Grisha's guarding the group of 6 replenishment vessels. I checked range and heading and they were 10 miles out. I checked the database and the Grisha's sonar is only good for 3nm active/passive (Elk Tail) and it's ASW armament consists of possibly 53's, SET's or worse USET 80's. It also carries RBU 6000's with a 3nm range. I decided for above-mentioned reasons to fire at 6nm.

My first targets would be the Grisha's followed by the replenishment ships. At 6 I quickly fired off two torpedoes and sprinted east at Full. I was quickly rewarded with 2 torpedoes in my path (more Haze's) and had to head west at Full. I again avoided their torpedoes and fired again at the first two sets of merchants. As I was doing so the closest Grisha was struck by a Mk48 and sunk. The second turned to engage me and walked into the second. I decided to try a missile shot at one of the merchants so loaded an empty tube with a Harpoon. A torpedo contact turned up west of me so I bounced back east at Full. I then came shallow once again and fired off a Harpoon and a Mk48. Both hit and sunk their targets. Another torpedo target appeared aft of me so I quickly moved toward the remnants of the group and loosed two more torpedoes which struck both targets. Numerous torpedo contacts appeared south of me so I turned north at full speed. I was rewarded with a victory as the last ship apparently sunk.

This was a fun scenario and a great model of ASuW role of the nuclear submarine. For all scenario writers out there, the scenario included a neat little trick to "help" the AI deal with ASW a little better. Check it out :)

Nato Losses: None

Expenditures: 9 Mk48's, 1 Harpoon

Soviet Losses:
2 Grisha I's
2 Supply Vessels
2 PRTB Lama
1 PRTB Amba
1 FB Urga

11 AT-2M
2 57mm/70 Twin Frag