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Harpoon 3 After-Action Reports


World War Three in 1985 - Entering the Norwegian Sea

by Mike Mykytyn

Ah once again a great ASW scenario and this one's a gripper. Your job in this one is to begin the CVBG advance into the Norwegian Sea (four CVBGs). You've got plenty of assets including several lines of SSNs, a couple of ASW groups and tons of Nimrods and Orions from Keflavik and Kinloss.

Well there's nothing worse than torpedo transients and no sub contacts and that seems to be the theme of this one which either speaks for the editors skill or this players lack there of. I started by tasking my CVBG's north with some SSN's in the lead. I also set up some ASW zones near the ref point areas to let the SAGs do their work. Surprisingly my first contacts began showing far from these zones and I tasked some air to patrol those areas. I was rewarded with a kill or two only to be surprised a short time later with torpedo transients near one of my CVBG's... I quickly re-tasked some carrier borne ASW aircraft and killed whatever was there... I think... and lucked out none of the torpedoes struck home. I began to assess my overall strategy... It was time to get more aggressive and started getting alot of contacts in a particular zone and started random torpedo drops... I began to prosecute SOSUS contacts and was rewarded with some more kills. Finally, and probably my proudest moment of this scenario was killing a Juliett although it cost me... That Juliett gave me trouble by damaging AOE Detroit and scaring the crap out of me. Managed to pop up unloose it's Sanbox load and then fire some torps. Very nice:) I quickly launched some Sea Kings and some Leanders and started what seemed a lengthy search/battle... I fired no less than 9 torpedoes at this contact and was finally rewarded with the kill... Victory was mine a short time after... I managed to kill 2 Whiskey's, 2 Tango, 3 Juliett, 2 Echo II, 1 Victor II and 2 Victor III's. I did take some losses- SSN Boston, Providence and Memphis all died.

I came out of this one with two thoughts. First was that the DB2000 sonar values are marvelous... I remember the olden days when Whiskey's, Foxtrots, etc where nothing more that targets. Now they will kill you. Definitely outside the typical RSR model. I look forward to fighting the rest.