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Harpoon 3 After-Action Reports


Conflict in the Comoro

I played Quinton's excellent scenario 'Conflict in the Comoro' this morning. I actually managed to win the scenario from both sides the first time I played them, which was quite surprising considering my poor combat record in his other scenarios ;)

From the French side I suffered quite heavy losses, with three ships sunk and one more heavily damaged. Losses in the air were high too, with many of my fighters and a fair number of ASW aircraft/helos shot down. I sank the Indian carrier and Delhi DDG in a pair of Super Etendard strikes, and then closed in for a surface battle (Exocet vs SS-N-25 and SS-N-2), sinking two enemy ships and losing one. The most tricky part of the scenario, however, was locating and sinking the Indian submarine tender group; those Indian MiG-21 based on Comoros kept me at a distance and I did not locate it until the very end of the scenario when it accidentally got within visual range of the Foch screen (!) and sank one of my ships with SS-N-2s. It was quite amazing to see how effective those obsolete MiG-21 fighters were against the old but yet better armed F-8.

Playing the Indian side was just as an intensive experience. My Sea Harriers fought hard to keep the French fighters recon planes at a distance. A strike with six Sea Eagle-armed Sea Harriers sunk one of the French ships and damaged a second. However as the strike package rushed home a French aircraft spotted my carrier group and within minutes the French attacked with a whole bunch of Super Etendards. With only four Sea Harriers available at this time the French easily penetrated my fighter screen. The carrier was hit by several Exocet missiles however it did not sink. Next up was my Type 1600 submarine. It sank one of the ships in the French carrier screen but was successfully attacked and destroyed by French ASW helos. I then went head to head with the French carrier battle group and sank the carrier with SS-N-25 missiles from the Delhi DDG and two more escorts with older SS-N-2s. Finally, far to the east near the Comoros one of my Tu-142s spotted the other French group centered around the Foch. I managed to get one Foxtrot in position and sank an escort and then the Foch. My objectives had now been met.

All the civilian traffic made looking for the enemy very difficult, too. The AI blended in nicely, and when I lost contact I really had to go out *looking* for him again, i.e. visually ID'ing all the contacts on the screen, each time placing my valuable recon assets at great risk.

Great job! Thank you Quinton.